BIOMEDE 419/519 Quantitative Physiology/Bioengineering Physiology – Reproductive Physiology Section

Fall Term
Prerequisite: MCBD 310 or Biol Chem 415, 451, 515 or CHEM 351 or permission of instructor (4 credits)
Quantitative Physiology provides learning opportunities for senior undergraduate and graduate students to understand and develop competencies in a quantitative, research oriented, systems approach to physiology. Systems examined include cellular; musculoskeletal; cardiovascular; respiratory; endocrine; gastrointestinal; and renal. Mathematical models and engineering analyses are used to describe system performance where applicable. Lectures and problem sessions are used for instruction, and performance is evaluated based on homework problem sets.

BIOMEDE 418 Quantitative Cell Biology

Winter Term
Prerequisite: MCDB 310, Biol Chem 415, 451, 515, or CHEM 351 and Physics 240, Math 216, Chem 130 (4 credits)
This course introduces the fundamentals of cell structure and functioning. The goal is to provide a general background in cell biology, with emphasis placed on physical aspects that are of particular interest to engineers. Click here for the course description.

BIOMEDE 474 Introduction to Tissue Engineering

Term Varies
Prerequisite: BME 410, senior standing or permission of instructor (3 credits)
This course focuses on understanding the principles of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Emphasis is on the components and design criteria of tissue engineering constructs. The course will cover multiple examples of engineering soft and hard tissue, and application of new technologies in regenerative medicine.